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Then and Now

Any illness, for me, demands self-scrutiny, a peeling back of the circumstances of the past to try to unlock the WHY of the body’s apparent decrepitude. I have had 3 major illnesses in my life:

1.  Salmonella poisoning at the age of 37
2.  Breast cancer at the age of 48
3.  Acute pneumonia at the age of 52

I was young and naive when I married, only 19 actually, entering the ranks of motherhood a year later and tumbling out 3 children over the next 6 years. As a modern western woman, the juggling of hats as a wife, mother, home-maker, student and then later career woman with all of its varied competing demands was inevitable. At the same time, as my children grew older, my yearning for more from my relationship, creative pursuits and work life fuelled an inner frustration and dissatisfaction that threatened to tear apart my emotional wellbeing. I was the centre around which my home and family revolved. I had responsibilities. And children. They came first. At least, until I was struck by Triple Negative Breast Cancer and found myself front and centre in a battle to save my own life.

Six and a half years later, I look back at what I’ve been through and everything that I’ve learnt along the way about how to fight illness, heal, stay well, stave off infection, strengthen the immune system and be happy, safe and healthy. The learning may be personal but the aspiration is universal - wellness in body, mind and spirit. That’s why I’ve chosen to share my writing and the knowledge and insights that I’ve gained in a bid to help others in their own journey. It doesn’t pay to remain in the dark and just hope that disease or rather dis-ease of whatever sort will simply vanish. Be proactive, ask questions, research, test alternatives and, above all, never give up. That’s my mantra. I hope I can help in making it yours.

Beyond C.



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