About My Blog

About My Blog

Confront a cancer diagnosis and its consequent journey through and beyond treatment and watch yourself plagued by a myriad of questions. What to ask? Where to look? Who to trust? How to heal? In a sea of information, thoughts and feelings can run rampant leaving you at the mercy of your own confusion.

Since that was my quandary, my aim through sharing my own challenges and pursuit of healing is to provide clarity, insight and perspective into these questions. Through a mix of poetry and prose I share my reactions to joining the C. league and the learning quest that has provided me with the tools that I need to feel confident and in better control of my own health and wellbeing. My hope is that my journey and research will resonate with those who need support or just want to stay well.

Let’s Begin – Why an Ostrich…

It’s always easier to pretend that a cancer diagnosis is a cruel joke; a misnomer that will be corrected; a momentary lapse into a frightening daydream. Safer to assume the stance of an ostrich, head buried in the sand to escape danger… This idea, credited to Gaius Plinius Secundus(23 – 79AD), a great Roman thinker …

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